Welcome to Space Collegiate Opportunities & Pathways for Excellence, New Mexico (SCOPE-NM)!

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We are a website project that lists individual and collective space development efforts happening across New Mexico.

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We engage and empower college students across New Mexico toward space development as a key educational and economic driver in our state.

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Our site collects a variety of space resources for educational, professional, and communal purposes.

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🛰️ Why Space?

The space sector is rapidly accommodating a variety of disciplines for national needs. It is quickly becoming a core educational and economic pillar in New Mexico. SCOPE-NM acts as the online hub where college students across New Mexico can learn, participate, and exchange knowledge about space development activities in their area.

SCOPE-NM stands out from other initiatives in three ways:

“Learning about the local space opportunities in NM was very helpful for establishing my future plans.” - 2023 SCOPE-NM Student Delegate

We recruit Student Delegates from every major and year, who are enrolled in an accredited New Mexico college or university, to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the space sector. And we're building a Mentor Program to better guide and inform students about important career decisions, before they leave college!

SCOPE-NM is in its pilot year for the duration of 2024. Learn more about us and our story.

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Thank you to our supporters! We are seeking a coalition of academic, civil, and professional organizations to feature on our site as a reflection of statewide space initiatives. Please contact us if you are interested in being featured on our site.

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